Nassim Azarzar, artist and graphic designer, develops his research by following the lead of popular images and exploring their forms and formal representations, notably on trucks transporting merchandise between port cities to the Moroccan villages of the Atlas and Rif mountains. Before joining QANAT (a collective of artists and researches exploring water in its political and poetic dimensions) in 2019, Nassim co-founded: l’Atelier Superplus, a design studio operating between Paris, Bristol, and Tangier; Think Tangier, a platform dedicated to exploring the city of Tangier and its extensions into the urban and visual levels; and l’Atelier Kissaria focused on experimental printing practices.
His artistic practice moves from research to the exploration of formal languages by mixing these with natural motifs, printing techniques, and popular culture. Nassim Azarzar is interested in elaborating these new aesthetics and their intrinsic ties to their contexts and spaces in order to question our relationship to modernity.

                                              Born in 1989 in France, lives and works in Rabat, Morocco. contact: